in English, please.

Therapy and counselling in English

I am a fluent English speaker and I am currently able to provide psychotherapy sessions in English. I hold a Doctorate (PhD) degree in Clinical Psychology, specializing in relationship issues and couple therapy. If you need individual, couple or familly therapy or counselling, please contact me at (+351) 913301540 or

Sessions take place in Lisbon, altough  for an addicional fee I can make arrangements for sessions taking place elsewhere in the country. Feel free to contact me with your request.

I have lived, worked and studied in the US (Madison-WI; New York, NY) and in the UK (Manchester).


Luana is a gifted researcher, deep thinker, and thoughtful clinician. Dedicated, serious, curious, and so personable.”  by Esther Perel (Master Trainer, Therapist- Author of “Mating in Captivity”)

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I am a clinical psychologist (PhD), conducting research with individuals and couples on the topics of intimacy, sexual desire and differentiation of self. I am interested in qualitative and mixed methods research. I welcome collaborations.

See my research profile and publications at Research Gate or Academia

Visit the Intimacies Project website, my doctoral research project and the presentation of the main findings.

See my Google Scholar Citations

Orcid ID: 0000-0001-8406-3997

Training and Consulting

I provide training, consulting and supervision in 3 main areas:

  • Qualitative methodologies and data analysis
  • Couple processes of intimacy, sexual desire and autonomy
  • Positive parenting and parent training

Please contact me for additional information:  (+351) 913301540 or email me at


Publications: Google Scholar Profile

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